Thing 12: Bogged Down by Flickr

My journey led me deep into the jungle to Flickr, where I found a great chasm separating me from my task – selecting a series of photos shareable via Creative Commons, that I could use in a slideshow. I wallowed in a sea of photos, most of which, initially, I found were copyrighted. I finally forged my way to the area where I could find CC photos that I could download for use. Now I could select a handful to represent my idea (more than story) of the ways in which geometric forms are found in architecture. This will ultimately be part of a larger project – Geometry All Around Us. Since this was essentially a collage format, I used slide to create the show below

or on my wiki page, Life in the Math Lane.

NOTE: Scroll over photos to see the credits.

All in all, I’m Proud of my efforts.

2 thoughts on “Thing 12: Bogged Down by Flickr

  1. Hi Janet!

    I have reached the part of my summer journey in which I am only using my iPhone. (no flash). So I can’t view your presentation but I really like the idea of showing practical application of geometry (in the world around us) and I think this sounds like a great tool to use. Did I tell you that I just learned you can use advanced search in google to find results that are only from the cc domain? Pretty neat stuff.

    I hope all is well in your world. Keep up the great work in this class!!

  2. Hi Janet!

    I finally have a place to plug in and this slide show looks great! I am so impressed that you are making an effort to make math real to the students. My dad, who has a PhD in math from Harvard, has devoted his retirement to coaching kids for the Mu Alpha Theta competition and Math Counts, says that one of his biggest complaints about the way math is taught these days is that there is no emphasis on how it all fits together and the theory behind math. He says its just a bunch of random facts thrown at the kids for them to memorize. He says a lot of material gets “covered” but not a lot gets “learned.” It sounds to me as though the students in your class are enjoying an experience that will help them learn, not just go through the material. You are awesome!


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