Thing 19: YouTube, TeacherTube, we all scream for YouTube

Exploring YouTube in always fun. As required, I found the four requisite videos. Just for kicks, I’m including them all here.

The first was a “Just for Fun” content-related video, That’s Mathematics, by Tom Lehrer. I think that Tom is Canadian, since he uses the term “maths” and spells using “-ise” instead of “-ize.” This is just a fun song to answer the question, “When will I ever use this?”

The two content related videos I thought might be interesting include one on limits (my precalc students always have a hard time with this concept) by TeacherWalt:

and this one by MathTV on solving trig identities, another concept these girls have trouble with.

By making tutorial videos available, I can offer additional explanation for those students who need it. Sometimes hearing things in a different way, or from a different person cam make a difference, and just seeing different examples will be helpful.

As for the how-to video, I thought that this one on paper airplanes was pretty cool.

There was actually a better one, but it had an ad in the beginning and could not be embedded. Here is the link if you are interested in taking a look:  How to Make Dangerous Looking Airplanes by VideoJug.

I also checked out TeacherTube, and I definitely agree with the comment that the advertising is ANNOYING, so I thought I’d see what happens when I embed a TeacherTube video, like this Abbott and Costello classic:

Interesting. At least the intro commercial goes away. Good to know.

Overall, either YouTube or Teachertube might be useful tools for additional explanation and practice on difficult concepts. The key is finding good videos that aren’t too boring and are short enough that the students will sit through them. I really like the idea of embedding them into a blog or wiki (I’d like to try embedding them in Moodle) to avoid having students go to YouTube where they are exposed to so many other videos as well. It is also easier to show them is class without all of the other nonsense cluttering up the screen, even with the safety feature on.

Off to explore more videos.